Future Global Network Development Summit

16 – 17 March 2022 | Barcelona

Everyone wants to be connected. Connected with the people, newest technology, smart devices. Connected with the world. The 2020 global pandemic crisis forced us and the whole society to undergo multiple lockdowns and it is becoming clear that the definition of the workplace may have changed permanently. The confidence that was newly found in remote working gives extra significance to applications aiming to improve telepresence: from virtual or augmented reality all the way to remote surgeries.

Let us reveal the core. Let us discuss the “fifth generation” of telecommunication systems, or 5G which is crucial for digitalisation efforts. Let us ask a question: How roll-out will be one of the most critical building blocks of the European digital economy and society in the next decades? The newest 5G/6G wireless networking technology that phones, smartwatches, cars, and who knows what else, will use in the coming years, but it is still not yet available in every region around the world.

The Future Global Network Development Summit has been designed to unlock the potential of the newest wireless 5G deployment and the potential future look at the 6G development as well. Key internal strategies from top European telco companies will be embraced, such as monetising 5G and IoT through network as a service plus, 6G visions and drivers, what does the success look like in the era of emerging technologies, the rise of the new production employee enabled by 5G networks and many others.

You will also benefit from remarkable networking opportunities due to limited seats of this business event. It will be the right place for sharing ideas, getting insights and inspiration, learning from experienced leaders and establishing important business contacts! Discuss with your peers, share your thoughts and be involved in the 16+ case studies from senior level decision-makers.

Hottest topics that will be discussed this annual

  • High-frequency beam technology in 5G that will be radically new, meeting future demand
  • Building the unified 4G/5G network to meet the needs of today and tomorrow
  • Cloud-based hosting, AI customer service and automated processes as a tool for minimising the running costs
  • 6G visions and drivers: Enabling mobile operators to leverage the satellite connectivity to expand their coverage
  • Monetising the products, 5G and IoT through the network
  • Sensors, smart factories, smart cities, cars: How far will we go?
  • How to invest in the new products and services with cost savings ensured?
  • Benefits of cloud computing and increasing demand for data wrangling
  • Will increased digitisation and technology magnify the impacts of cyber threats and disruptions?



Managing Director – Telecommunications, Media & Entertainment Industry Solutions


Partnering for Success in the Face of Emerging Technologies

This presentation will cover the importance of shifting from a vendor model to a partnership model especially in the context of emerging technologies such as 5G and Edge. The speaker will discuss the challenges and barriers to true partnership along with the opportunities and propose how CSPs can partner with hyperscalers to optimise their revenue and unlock value. Finally, the speaker will explore the success factors that will be critical for partners’ success.

• The shift from buyer-seller model to a partnership model
• How can partners co-create to unlock value and drive growth?
• What are the critical success factors for true partnerships in the context of emerging technologies such as 5G and Edge?


Senior Vice President, Head of Over-the-Top Services


The Future of Money: Opportunities and Pitfalls for Service Providers

In a world where online transactions are growing almost exponentially, there is a role for incumbent and other service providers to play. Telco networks, data centres, telco data and more is being leveraged to drive payment platforms to support the evolution of digital commerce while protecting digital transactions and end consumers.

• DATA services
• Content distribution
• OTT partnerships
• Service provider as aggregator of content

Bhagya REDDY

Data Engineering Director


How Data Insights Could Bring Value & Emotions

The speaker will discuss about their day-to-day data how it could bring value to the business and as well to the emotions. Digitalisation is a key factor and ever increasing demand this year. In the last two years, huge volumes of data generated and ever-increasing demand for data wrangling, data transformations are required. Let us talk about how data insights could shoe the human emotions as well.
Data fact: Many people who become infected (18% or one in five people) do not even have a cough. The disease proceeds without any symptoms at all: a person may not even suspect that he is sick. This data analysis is possible only by having the right set of data insights. Data engineering and Data scientists are having really tough and interesting challenges during this period. Human emotions are very well connected to the data as well.


Chief Digital
& IT Officer


Bringing Value of 5G to Our Customers

This topic will focus on the experiences of Proximus to bring the true potential and value of 5G to its customers, explaining some concrete use cases and making the link to the IT strategy and how this should anticipate new technologies.

• How we at Proximus bring 5G to our customers?
• Concrete use case demonstrating the potential of 5G
• Impact of new technologies (like 5G) on the IT strategy: How should your architecture evolve to be ready to be at pace with rapid technological change?

Kostantinos CHALKIOTIS

Vice President Technology & Innovation


6G Vision and Drivers: How Deutsche Telekom Envisions the Future of Communications?

6G initiatives have been started globally. Deutsche Telekom, the leader in telecommunication services in the European region is actively engaged in projects and collaborations to help shape the global environment and ecosystem around 6G. This presentation will provide an overview of DT’s vision and drivers regarding 6G.

• 6G Vision
• Topics that 6G will cover
• Sustainability
• Human wellbeing

Great quality of presentations and it was great to have plenty of time to discuss and network.

– Director Entertainment Products, Telenet

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